Thursday, 7 June 2012

"I beseech you in the bowels of Christ think it possible you may be mistaken

I didn't play a game this week at the club so spent the time chin wagging instead. Mick and John were playing an English Civil War game in 28mm using the Forlorn Hope rules. I think rather than a game report some wargamer's porn in the shape of John's beutifully painted miniatures would satisfy most


  1. Good photos, thanks for posting:-)Have the chaps at your club tried the new Pike & Shotte rules from Warlord? Would highly recommend.

    Jason (also Stokes, funnily enough)

  2. We have'nt tried Pike and Shotte yet but we have played Black Powder for our 18th Century and Napoleonics. There is a definite split between those who like them (me for example) and some that don't. I havn't played these Forlorn Hope rules before, I usually use Impetus rules with the free Baroque supplement for this period.

  3. Im must admit Pike and Shotte seems to be the best for some at our club, but with its introduction others have sulked off. The Impetus rules for me are one of the best out there played it from its release and nothing but, then when I started club gaming and nobody at the club like it so it been shelved for a while now.


  4. Great pictures, and fabulous vignettes!!